All unique, but driven by a shared passion for winegrowing

The history of our artisan winegrowers

Doux, Arcusi, Seignour, Vrastor, Mery, Vache, Milhaud, Souard, Blanchard, Haut, Clement, Mery and Blachon: thirteen names for thirteen founders, like apostles on a mission to defend centuries-old vineyard sites which are now the focal point for over 200 artisans under a common banner.

These families laid the foundation stones of the Vacqueyras and Beaumes de Venise wineries in the 1950s, without for a moment suspecting that on that day they were handing over the keys to what would become one of the largest co-operatives among Rhone Valley growths. Their gesture was driven by community spirit and the desire to give winegrowers in their villages the best possible conditions for making wine.

A major pillar of the co-operative system, our artisan winegrowers are prominent families, big-hearted, passionate farmers from father to son and newcomers to the countryside in search of authenticity. All of them painstakingly repeat the same tasks, vintage after vintage, using skills passed down by previous generations, with the support of our viticulture experts.

Our artisan winegrowers farm their vines sustainably, promoting biodiversity and nurturing their most cherished heritage. Rhonéa’s basic tenet is to let each one of them express their personalities in a bid to produce unique and racy wines. As individual artisans within their family estates, their quintessentially French expertise has been handed down through several generations. They are devoted custodians of the land, taste, simplicity and pleasure.

Observing a vintage behind the scenes: soak up the atmosphere in vineyards located at the heart of the Dentelles de Montmirail and share the highlights of our harvest with Rhonéa’s artisan winegrowers.