Cru Vinsobres

The History of the Cru Vinsobres

The history tells that the origin of the village is directly derived from the viticulture: In the past, the village was called “Vinzobrio” and according to the Latin origin, we find the words “Vine” and “Work”. Even today, the village Vinsobre continues the tradition and heritage of its ancestors with brio.

The village joined the Côtes du Rhône appellation area in 1957 after the creation of the INAO (National Institute of Origin and Quality) and in 1967 the Côtes du Rhône Villages appellation. Finally, in 2006, Vinsobres will be elevated to the rank of Cru des Côtes du Rhône for the singular quality of its red wines.

The Terroir

The hills of Vinsobres are characterized by a great diversity of terroirs on a small area of appellation with the particularity of a great homogeneity of soils by stratum of altitude.

There are four main types of soils which follow one another: First, the first terraces of the village between 200 and 250 meters made up of pebbles with a moderate slope. Then, between 250 and 450 meters we find the slopes and then the hills of the village which are made up of marl or sandy marl marine crowned by conglomerates of the Miocene rich in coarse elements. Finally, the plateau of Vinsobres between 350 and 450 meters shelters a very stony terroir with a rich soil essentially composed of marls.


The aromas of Vinsobres…

Its wines must be at least 50% Grenache and at least 25% Syrah and/or Mourvèdre. The typicity found in Vinsobres wines is freshness! On these terroirs, the wines are balanced, elegant and full of freshness with excellent ageing potential.

One will find rich aromatic profiles around fresh fruit, red with marked spicy notes, notably peppery. With time, the aromas will improve around more powerful and stewed notes.