Village Séguret

The History of the Séguret Village

Leaning against a hill and classified “Most beautiful village of France”, the village has kept all its charm of yesteryear with its narrow streets, its stone houses, its sunny squares… Its Latin origin would be related to the word “securus” which was used to talk about Fortified Castles.

Over time and recognition, the wines of Séguret became part of the Côtes du Rhône area and it was in 1967 that Séguret was recognized as a Côtes du Rhône Villages of the Rhône Valley.

The Terroir

This vineyard is divided into two areas: A first part of terraces and hillsides all around the village composed mainly of clayey-limestone marl. Moving away from the heart of the village, the terraces are more and more steep with very stony soils.

The Red & Rosé Wines

The reds are composed of Grenache (minimum 40%), Syrah & Mourvèdre (at least 25%). The aromas are deep, with beautiful notes of coffee, vanilla, jammy black fruits and liquorice. The tannins are fleshy on the palate and the tasting allows the development of beautiful finishes.

The rosés are blended in the same way as the red wines. They develop beautiful notes of acidulous sweets with a full mouth and aromas of small red fruits.

The White Wines

Finally, the whites are almost exclusively made up of Roussanne and Marsanne: a combo that gives pretty wines with straw dresses. The aromas are sweet and very floral with notes of yellow flesh fruits and leave a nice aromatic persistence.