The Rhone Valley: a mosaic of terroirs

Our Cru Terroirs

Renowned for their wines of character and their potential for long ageing, the Crus of the Southern Rhône Valley (known as the “southern”) are nine in number, completed by two appellations dedicated to Sweet Natural Wines.

These small villages have been elevated to the highest rank in the Rhone Valley and have demonstrated over the years the full potential of their terroirs. This potential is not limited to the geological quality and exceptional climatic conditions, but is also the result of the commitment of generation after generation of winegrowers to improve the quality of their wines.

Our Village Appellations

A real call to discover the wines of the most beautiful villages of the Rhone Valley, the notion of a regional appellation with a village name highlights the terroir and the know-how of a village that works on the continuous elevation of the quality of its wines to reach the rank of Cru de la Vallée du Rhône. All located in the southern Rhône Valley, the village appellations are 21 in number for 95 communes.

Our regional appellations

The Rhone Valley vineyard is a huge area where vines flourish on more than 71,000 hectares (100,000 soccer fields)! Rich and varied terroirs that offer wines of pleasure, gourmet and pleasant for all occasions.