Responsible from the vine to the glass

Fair and Ethical

Although an international issue, sustainable development is also a local challenge to which we devote multiple collective efforts on a daily basis. These efforts are ubiquitous throughout our co-operative system and are constantly evolving.

As a collective, Rhonéa is certified, complies with standards and belongs to advocacy groups (Winegrowers in Sustainable Development, Organic Farming, Demeter, Vegan, HVE – High Environmental Value), attesting to its ethical, fair and transparent conduct. Its uncompromising CSR policy is constantly being reviewed.

Sustainability implies sustainable farming methods and high environmental value. Rhonéa’s environmental efforts translate to widespread, practical actions guaranteeing sound, natural wines for the consumer.

Our family farms keep interventions in the vineyard to an absolute minimum and focus on biodiversity and a landscape charter. We prioritise the preservation of resources and natural landscape components (hedges, copses…); minimal use of inputs; systematic analysis of our wines in external laboratories; implementation of a system to manage wine effluents; optimisation of spraying and fertilisation; a cap on yields; maintaining a healthy vineyard; and technical support paving the way for a higher level still of sustainability.

Facts & Figures

• 9 ha / Average property size: a manageable vineyard
• Demeter / AB organic / Vegan / HVE / Winegrowers in Sustainable Development certifications
• CSR: AFAQ 26000 – Confirmed level assessment
• IFS Corporate Certification

With a commitment that includes even the smallest gesture, Rhonéa supports more than 37 key actions such as passing on skills, reining in energy consumption, reducing hard manual work for employees, raising awareness of local history and heritage, and optimising packaging.

In this way, Rhonéa is helping to promote the co-operative winery system, encourage sharing and limit the isolation of farmers. It is committed to fair and equitable remuneration and develops areas of progress for its artisan winegrowers and employees.

As active proponents of products made locally in Vaucluse, our commitments also aim to support the local economic fabric through many regional partners. Rhonéa Tourisme promotes the historical and cultural identity of the region through authentic encounters combining wine, vines and our vineyard sites.

Facts & Figures

• 115 tonnes of glass are saved due to our lightweight bottles
• 100% of organic waste is recovered
• 98% of industrial waste is sorted
• 12 to 15 million litres of water are saved through recycling
• We have reduced our annual power usage by the equivalent of 20 homes