Fostering collective strength, Rhonéa is a genuine think tank which provides support and training and bases its managerial strategy on foresight.

A New-Generation Co-operative

What were once individual families of accountable artisan winegrowers driven by a community spirit are now one big family. The sense of responsibility, community spirit and commitment shown by these talented, inquisitive, idealistic and creative winegrowers continues to grow as does their determination to spawn ideas. This sum of talents has solid foundations and its collective spirit is producing a radically new co-operative system with the future firmly in its sights.

The concept ?
The aim is to make people once again the linchpin of the corporate plan, to relinquish individuality in a corporate environment so that our employees and artisan growers can showcase their creativity and unique qualities and access collective intelligence serving the interests of the Rhone Valley growths. Innovative, more productive and dynamic with a flexible approach to economic and environmental challenges, Rhonéa focuses on participatory management that puts people and artisan growers at the centre of the corporate blueprint.

Through corporate social media; progressive workshops on quality and innovation; dialogue spanning the generations; learning workshops; tasting panels; educational trips; ambassadors; and expert committees for example, Rhonéa aims to create a connection between its employees and winegrowers to establish a cohesive involvement in the life of their wineries and company on joint issues. The values of the co-operative system and families of accountable artisan winegrowers with a common purpose are the cornerstone of its identity, and Rhonéa has designed an innovative participatory model that turns the spotlight on the creativity and unique features of each individual. The focal point is 5 remarkable schemes and initiatives that place employees and artisan winegrowers at the centre of the corporate blueprint and of this genuine people-focused story.

Good Practices & Good Ideas

Dialogue, sharing and passing on skills and knowledge are our core values. To create new synergies and cement a cohesive collective spirit on a daily basis, Rhonéa has designed field demonstration and best practice workshops. These gatherings revolve around the successes and initiatives of each artisan grower, such as innovative, ethical and sustainable facilities (e.g. introducing an effluent washing station that turns washing water into biomass) or the use of plants in the form of herbal teas to stimulate the vine’s natural immune system.

Discovery Workshops

Participation and nothing but. Rhonéa aims to create a bond between its employees and winegrowers on issues common to both. Discovery workshops fully immerse employees in the co-operative system. Tasting workshops across the range of wines; practical workshops in the vineyard (pruning, harvesting…); winery visits and guided vineyard tours; after-work events at partner clients – all of these initiatives make the collective system meaningful, strengthen team spirit, get employees on board and make them aware of the various professions within the company, allowing them to take a cross-disciplinary approach to work on collaborative projects.

Tasting panels

Revealing sense of place and providing top quality wines are the priorities of our collective enterprise. To improve the signature style of our wines, tasting panels bring together a group of industry members from a variety of backgrounds (producers, winemakers, distributors, sommeliers, restaurateurs, journalists, buyers…) who taste our wines once the maturation process is complete. The aim of these tastings is to provide a practical assessment of the work accomplished in relation to our objectives (sense of place, character in the wines), while benchmarking them against market trends and consumer expectations.

Extranet for member growers

By developing outreach services for its artisan growers, Rhonéa is shifting the winegrower’s focus to the heart of the winery. The aim of this system is to encourage, facilitate and improve the flow of communication. The members’ extranet system involves innovative software. It provides members with a detailed map of the vineyard (grape varieties, vine age, hydrometry, vineyard management techniques, operations records, recommendations by the technical departments); a sophisticated communications interface (document transfer, diaries, invitations, meetings); current regulations; and a highly accurate weather tool, across Rhonéa’s vineyards.

Educational trips

Because it is of paramount importance not to become inwardly-focused and only rely on our own experiences, Rhonéa is attentive to good practices and exemplary conduct in other wine regions and wine innovations. Educational trips are therefore organised during lulls in the growing season. These promote good practice sharing with members of the Winegrowers in Sustainable Development group; visits to wineries committed to a joint dynamic; an introduction to neighbouring appellations or similar grape varieties in faraway regions; and trade fairs. The trips are a source of inspiration and progress for our artisan winegrowers, who are kept abreast of developments in technology and innovations in the wine industry.