Artisans Vignerons


Artisans Vignerons

All work long hours meticulously tending their vines, vintage after vintage. They use age-old methods, but also follow the advice of our viticultural experts whom they are free to consult throughout the growing season.

Enthusiastic winemakers from father to son (or equally enthusiastic former city dwellers wishing to go back to the land) who are proud of their vineyards, our artisan vignerons are all different, but share the same passion for making fine wine.

Artisans Vignerons

Léonce Doux, Edmond Arcusi, Emile Seignour, René Vrastor, Claude Milhaud, and Pierre Blachon...

...established cooperative cellars in Vacqueyras and Beaumes de Venise in the 1950s to provide the best possible conditions for making and ageing wines from their villages.

They surely could not imagine that nearly sixty years later their cellars would be some of the largest to produce Rhone Valley crus.


Our winegrowers are well-trained and make sure to keep up-to-date. The most natural way of growing grapes is always preferred, input products are used as little as possible, and biodiversity a major consideration.

Rhonéa believes in letting the personality of each one come through to produce polished, elegant wines.

The most natural way of growing grapes is always preferred.

Rhone Valley Wines

" We must take care never to forget the atmosphere, the lifestyle, climate, region, traditions, history, and above all our origins"

Jean-Pierre Claudel, representing a family of winegrowers since 1976.