A New Generation Cooperative

Rhonéa employees and winegrowers stay in close contact

A New Generation Cooperative

Yesterday's families of artisan winegrowers have become today's single family of talented, curious, idealistic, creative artisan vignerons who are more united, as well as socially and environmentally responsible, than ever. At Rhonéa, the whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts and rests on a very firm foundation: skill in making fine Rhone Vallley crus. The new structure is very modern and go-ahead.


New Generation Cooperative

The basic concept ?

By relinquishing the principle of individual performance, Rhonéa offers their employees and winegrowers a participatory model to achieve a form of collective intelligence on behalf of their Rhone Valley crus.

The new structure is more innovative, flexible, productive, and dynamic in order to cope with today's economic and environmental challenges. Rhonéa believes in participative management that puts people – especially winegrowers – at the heart of the firm's priorities.

Rhonéa Team

Making use of a corporate social network, workshops focusing on quality and innovation, intergenerational communication, "ambassadors", committees of experts, etc., Rhonéa employees and winegrowers stay in close contact to deal with shared issues, to work together, and to combine the efforts of their respective cellars.

The means ?

New generation

“ A powerful collective force, a think tank, a support system, and training centre, Rhonéa benefits from management with a vision. ”

Pascal Duconget, Rhonéa's CEO